Quote Club: Luxley hears in colour on expressive new EP ‘Chromatics’


“Chromatics EP comes from my condition “chromasthesia”, a syndrome that I live with that causes me to unconsciously associate sounds with colors. I discovered it when I got into a car accident when I was younger. I didn’t know how to describe the experience until I went to medical school and found literature describing it.”

This record is much different from my first one. Chromatics is a departure from the traditional studio model of working with an outside producer. After spending a lot of time experimenting on synths, electronics, and getting to know myself more as an artist, I realized that I was passionately building a vast library of colorful sounds, textures, and pop-centric melodies that would eventually become the virtual worlds found on the record. The songs are arranged by the colors that I see, and the track artwork corresponds to the colors that I see when hearing the songs.” – LUXLEY


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