Quote Club: ‘When We Were Young’ is the latest single from breakout UK trio Flawes

“This Could Be Real is definitely our most honest song to date… It also brings out our more up tempo side not previously heard before. The song is based at the start of a relationship that was unexpected and unplanned. It goes through the thoughts and realisation that it is something special worth fighting for”

“Sometimes in life you find yourself questioning decisions you’ve made, whether they’re from your past or present, and it’s crazy to think how one small choice made differently could have changed everything you know to be true now. It’s reminiscent for us, like If you knew what you’d become when you were a kid, would you have done anything differently?”

‘When We Were Young’ is a fantastic tune for the summer.  Featuring front man JC’s smooth, enticing vocals, the track is supported by a perfect concoction of electronic and synth tones.  Within the great production, racing synth guitars, and dynamic drum riffs is a magnetic melody that carries the energy seamlessly throughout.


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