‘Family Tree’ is the latest powerful single from Alt Singer/Rapper De’Wayne Jackson

Alternative Singer/Rapper De’Wayne Jackson has released powerful new single ‘Family Tree’.  Blending genres seamlessly and with finesse, De’Wayne combines elements of rock, industrial and rap perfectly.  Both lyrically and musically, De’Wayne takes risks, showing us that we shouldn’t be confining ourselves to living purely in the spaces we are born in.  ‘Family Tree’ is a poignant yet powerful reflection in De’Wayne’s upbringing in a southern baptist household, highlighting some of the challenges he faced being young and black in America.

“With Family Tree, I was inspired to tell my story and the origins of my loved ones. For the first time, I had my audience and family in mind while writing a song. Getting to work with Kenny Carkeet & Corron Cole we were able craft the perfect mood to deliver this story. I wanted to make a song where if anyone had questions on who I was or where I was going they could listen to this song and get the exact answer. Hopefully through this song they can also get closer to who they are.”


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