Quote Club: Jon Bryant releases sultry track ‘Ya Ya Ya Ya’ as part of full-length debut ‘Cult Classic’

“Over the past few years I’ve really become a skeptic. Thanks to social media, politics, religion and news media, etc… Many songs on the album reflect that skepticism and emphasize the ways I’ve evolved as both a writer and person; spiritually, mentally and emotionally.”

When you hear this, I hope you walk away feeling hopeful in knowing that, despite how fucked up this world is, you are absolutely beautiful and complete… All the joy, love, passion and hope in life is within you, waiting to be unlocked. It sounds cliché to say but the album is proof.”

Halifax-born and Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant has released single ‘Ya Ya Ya Ya’ as part of his full-length debut ‘Cult Classic’ to be released soon.  The track showcases a deep, undulating soundscape of bassy tones paired with a light, driving melody and lilting vocals.


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