Quote Club: New single ‘Carry a Light’ signals CIVILIANA’s ambitious arrival into the alt-rock sphere

“This song explores the mental burden of regret and longing that follows a painful separation. It captures that familiar bump in the road that we’ve all experienced when one’s eagerness to move on is stunted by memories and romantic withdrawals of what has been left behind.”

“Our artistic integrity is based on authenticity and simplicity. We build our songs from scratch with only our own instruments. What you’ll hear with this release and our slate for 2019 is exactly what you’ll get from us on stage. We’re excited to join the new era of alt-rock bands and make our mark with what we believe is fresh and original.”

Organic and passionate, ‘Carry a Light’ is the latest driving single from CIVILIANA.  The band have produced a track that delivers a shamelessly unfiltered sound laced with elements of explosive pathos and dynamism.  At the heart of  ‘Carry a Light’ is an infectious melody backed with harmonies and explosive guitars.

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