On The Record: Broken Back talks to us about his new single ‘She Falls’, worldly influences and having fun


Let’s talk about the new single “She Falls”? Where did the idea for the lyrical content and video come about?

Sometimes words don’t come out. Often, pain hides behind silence. But most of the time, nobody even notices it. With the music video of  “She Falls” I wanted to portray the psychological prison in which all these women are silently suffering. Totally immersed in a monochromatic pale rose dollhouse, the visual metaphors intend to describe how intricate the process of breaking silence is. When words of some can’t give warning, at least the eyes of others should.

You were previously an entrepreneur and business student, can you tell us about your transition from the corporate world into music?

I don’t miss my business studies (laughs). More seriously, this helped me a lot. Precisely to overcome and master all the constraints such a project trigger. Also to make good decisions when it came to choosing partners, bookers, and all the crazy and amazing team that is now working with me. Be quickly able to understand and the “business” part of it helped me not to spend so much time into it, entrust this to my team, and focus on my music.

You have such a unique sound with many worldly influences. Where do you pull your main musical inspiration from?

This second album was composed and produced both into my home studio in Saint-Malo (west of France) and on the road during my first album tour. I’ve had the chance to play across so many different countries (Polynesia, Greece, Tunisia, Ecuador, France, UK, among others). The fact is that in every new country I’ve played, I might be subconsciously influenced by all the wonders that I was just experiencing. In every new country I played, I asked to bring on stage for the show an instrument from the country we were welcomed: a “Darbuka” in Tunisia, a “Toere” in Polynesia for example. Back in my Home studio, I started to record all these news flavors freshly discovered. That’s why the second album will be more “World”, “Pop” and electro at the same time!



You seem to not take life too seriously and have fun along the way. Do you have any words of wisdom that you live by?

Yes! The best advice I been ever given was “Have Fun” from my Tuba teacher when I was a 9-year-old kid, completely terrified before an audition. In fact, at that time, I didn’t really realise the power of these 2 words. Now I do. And I try to stick to that philosophy since then 🙂

Anything else you’d like to share? What can we expect from you leading into Summer 2019?

I’ll be back on the road! This is where i feel the happiest man in the world. I’ll be touring for 4 or 5 months across Europe, starting to play and unveil a big part of the second upcoming album! Hope to see ya on the roads 😉


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