Quote Club: James Bay releases new EP ‘Oh My Messy Mind’ including fan-favourite track ‘Bad’

I regularly write things down in a stream of consciousness to empty my head. Oh My Messy Mind is a line I wrote on a particularly dark day a little while ago. It seemed to reflect a weight that I felt I was carrying at the time, and that comes back now and again”.

“The songwriting that followed was me looking for a release. With Bad and the other songs on the EP I wanted to be honest about some of my own stories and other stories I was being pulled into. Bad is a break up song, it’s just not my break up”.

‘Bad’ stands as a lilting, vocally-driven track that showcases Bay’s iconic light yet dynamic vocals.  The track builds from gentle vocals to a powerful soundscape, bringing the listener along on a passionate, personal journey.  Driven by a captivating and moving melody, the track bares all and presents itself as an open letter of loss and love.

Listen to ‘Oh My Messy Mind’ here


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