Chicago-based producer Cofresi drops emotive visuals to accompany new single ‘Scars feat. Luna Grey’

Chicago-based producer Cofresi drops moving visuals to accompany new single ‘Scars feat. Luna Grey’. He got the blog world chatting with the track, an explorative electronic voyage that defies both genre and expectations. The video follows the lyrical content penned by Luna Grey, drawing on overcoming your struggles and the obstacles that life throws in front of you.

Writing ‘Scars’ was a very big turning point for me as I stopped resenting my challenges and began to be thankful for the strength my struggles gave me. Our pain is our candle that guides us towards our purpose. I believe my struggles are a blessing. They make me human, they make me unique and they have made me a stronger person than I could have been without them. For that I am forever thankful.”


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