Launchpad: Australian songwriter and producer Stevan bursts onto the scene with ‘Timee’


Australian songwriter and producer Stevan bursts onto the scene with ‘Timee’. The 18 year old multi-instrumentalist draws inspiration form the likes of Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino; elements of each can be heard in his undeniable new track. Glassy guitars, warped vocals, a bold beat and rich harmonies combine to create a soundscape that falls somewhere between alt-R&B, soul and indie. If ‘Timee’ is anything to go by we’ll be hearing Stevan’s name a lot more in the coming months.

“As a song, ‘Timee’ explores different aspects of myself in relation to music. The video visualises these different aspects, as well as referencing some cool stuff I like. The colours and vibe of the video were inspired by Wes Anderson… All in all it was fun a Timee (pun intended) to make and I hope it’s an even better to watch!” – Stevan

“You only get to make a debut once, so it was important when coming up with the concept for this music video that as a new and emerging artist, Stevan was introduced in an authentic way…We wanted the clip to have a timelessness, while also reflecting something fresh and new.  This is captured in the beginning of the clip and in the wardrobe choices, both being nods to Talking Head’s classic Psycho Killer video.” – Jordan Kirk (Director)


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