Launchpad: London’s Hannah Slavin releases bright visual for her breakout bop ‘I Am A Mess’


London’s Hannah Slavin releases bright visual for her breakout bop ‘I Am A Mess’. It’s a lively, feel good track that oozes the upbeat pop vibe of stars like Sigrid and Charlie Puth. The bass pumps, synths dart in and out and Slavin delivers a huge vocal hook in the chorus. ‘I Am A Mess’ sees the Londoner turn her pen towards unbridled fun, not worrying about what others think and just doing you.

To be honest I was kind of tired of people (and myself at times) referring to me as a mess like it was a bad thing, because I go out and let my hair down, and drink too much. I want people to enjoy having a good time and not feel bad about not having their shit together all the time, because I certainly don’t feel bad about it’. ‘In a time and age where everyone is aiming to have this picture perfect life, where there are no bad days and you go to the gym, eat salad every day and have your whole life planned out – I just can’t relate to that in any way and I wanted to celebrate the opposite side to that. So here it is. My reality. And I’m sure a lot of other peoples reality too. I hope it makes people celebrate their ‘non-perfect life’ a bit more, because it’s pretty damn fun. If that makes me a ‘mess’, then that’s exactly what I am.”


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