London’s Emma McGrath seeks honesty on ‘Other Side’

London’s Emma McGrath seeks honesty on new single ‘Other Side’. It is taken from her forthcoming EP, due for release this Autumn. Out now via Young Poet Records, ‘Other Side’ is characteristically pop, built on McGrath’s ability to write beautifully melodic vocal lines – reverb-laden guitars add depth and space. It’s an impressive outing given McGrath is only 19; we are sure you’ll hear more about her this year.

“Other Side is the first song I wrote in the US. The song started out with my best mate Alfie and I deciding we needed a quality country song, but it very, very quickly turned into something else! The song is about needing honesty; I can’t fix any of your problems, but I’ll promise to be there and help you through the ups and downs of life. I’m almost asking for permission, not wanting to give my all to something for fear of being let down; I’m searching for reassurance.”


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