HARINA releases unique Climate Crisis Xmas song ‘Last Christmas’.


HARINA releases a quirky new take on the standard Christmas carol, featuring melodies from ‘Carol Of the Bells’. Veering away from the typical chirpy, happy seasonal songs, HARINA has chosen to revamp the retro and give it a new, futuristic and Trap induced twist. Not only is this a rather unique take on a Xmas tune, the message it carries is also rather unexpected considering the genre of the song and the time of year. With themes of Environmentalism running throughout the lyrical content, this song highlights perhaps the darker side of Christmas, and the consumerism culture.

HARINA has truly made a memorable impact with this original, forward thinking track and is lighting the way for other Pop artists to delve into more serious topics within their songwriting. Her sound is commercial, edgy and urban with just the right amount of pop punching through. By passing common topics of love, hurt and betrayal this song carries an important message and is certainly classified as a pop song with some serious substance.

Having been previously involved in the successful group Zazoo signed by Polydor. HARINA is now focusing on her solo project, with a catalogue of new music ready for 2020.

“I am very thankful for the people who fight for our planet on a daily basis for all of us. I am glad they are making awareness of the ones who are already suffering from it and educating everyone else on the topic. With this song, I am hoping to motivate people to inform themselves and contribute to the fight against climate change
wherever they can.” – HARINA.


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