Songstress Navina releases new feel good video to partner with single ‘Pieces’.

Producer, singer-songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Navina, has unveiled a lovely, lighthearted visual to partner with her newest single, ‘Pieces’, released late last year.

Steadily gaining industry recognition since releasing her first two singles, ‘Pieces’ was just as successfully received and was premiered on BBC Radio London as part of a live session and Premier Radio’s Unsigned Podcast.

To compliment this beautifully sung and well written song, ‘Pieces’ now has a comforting, uplifting video to match. Featuring Navina surrounded by plenty of friendly faces, there are joyful scenes of playfulness and laughter throughout. A welcome reminder to us all, that when things get a little bit too much, to perhaps focus on the simpler things in life and to remember just how far you have come.

“I wrote pieces inspired by the concept of jigsaws and patience. I think more so than ever, we can try to display a life which has everything figured out on our online highlight reel. We try to find the answers in many different things when in reality, true contentment comes from looking above ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in, towards something greater. If we look back on where we’ve come from, we most often realise that we’ve come much farther than we need to go. Being content is merely just piecing together the good things that each day brings.” – Navina.


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