Ahead of Michael Baker’s record release, hear stunning album track ‘Big Moon’

Tomorrow (March 6th), Brighton-based singer and songwriter will release his long anticipated album, Salt. Whether this is your first time hear of Michael Baker or you’re already a fan of his thanks for previous album Dust & Bone, what we can guarantee is that ‘Big Moon’ is well worth taking your time to listen to.

With warm acoustic rhythms and winding Americana melodies, Baker’s voice float over with an unmissable clarity. There’s something extremely soothing about this track; like a dear old friend reassuring you that everything will be okay and that they’ve been there too.

In addition to ‘Big Moon’, the Salt LP will feature singles ‘Little Hands’, ‘They Look Just Like They Know’, ‘Baby Books’, ‘Past The Evening’, ‘One God Damn’ and many more unheard gems.






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