Pop duo SIIGHTS share winning single ‘Blue Skies’

With all the beautiful weather we’re having in the British Isles right now, ‘Blue Skies’ certainly does fit in with the theme of this Spring season. However, Irish pop duo SIIGHTS isn’t filling in the roll of meteorological observers, rather they’re using the cloudless atmosphere as a metaphor for nostalgia in this radio-ready single.

As the pair of Mia Fitz and Toni Etherson say of the electronically-charge pop tune:

“This song means a lot to us & was hard to write. We wrote it about some of what you feel & experience after losing someone close to you. We have both lost people close to us and it’s something that stays with you forever. We brought all our gear down to a country house in Wicklow to write and record this EP – Blue Skies really came together so naturally. There’s actually a recurring quite hypnotic guitar riff that happens multiple times throughout the track which was never initially supposed to be in the track. Mia had just been playing around and we left the mics recording and we ended up using it and it became quite a feature in the production in the end.”





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