Don’t miss Blooms haunting EDM track ‘Bare Bones’

We might be arriving at the Blooms party a little late, considering she made her debut back in 2014, but we’re happy to be finally hear to enjoy the crisp sounds of new single ‘Bare Bones’.

It’s a club track drenched in atmosphere, with those eerie synths, anticipation-building beats, and Blooms’ haunting pop vocals. Embedded within those crystalline textures is a request for honesty and respect, two things which all too often evade us.

Here Blooms explores this theme further: “Bare Bones is about the burden of dishonesty. The embarrassing predicament of being let down while everyone watches. All the while you’re simply asking for some respect. I know you’re about to break me but can you at least do it to my face?”

‘Bare Bones’ joins the ranks of EDM makers who are elevating their craft beyond mindless beats into realms of thought and emotion.

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