Earl Gray Collective’s ‘This House’ takes us on a journey of self discovery

Hailing from Cardiff, Hampshire, Woking and Australia, this four-piece collective originated when lead singer Will Gray and drummer Katie Earl met at university. On hearing each other’s last names they decided that they should either get married or start a band. Needless to say, in 2018 the Earl Gray Collective was formed.

For their first appearance on the pages of Unrecorded, the Earl Gray Collective share ‘This House’, an earthy piece of story-telling that takes the listener down a winding path of self-awareness and exploration of identity. As the collective say of the new single:

“‘This House’ is a song that really takes you on a journey, the lyrics describe an eye opening moment in my life when I realised I had some unhealthy and sometimes unconscious biases that I needed to confront and deal with. We really tried to capture that journey in the song leaving loads of space for the story and the structure to develop and ultimately to create this moment of real unity at the end.”

It’s a thoroughly anthemic listen of which the soaring refrain, “There was this house, and it would have done me good,” becomes a passionate mantra of understanding.

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