Influences: CHARLES talks us through his all time musical faves.


Unrecorded meets emerging R&B sensation CHARLES, who talks us through some of his favourite songs and artists of all time...

  1. Nao – In the Morning 

“Nao has been a huge inspiration in my music over the years. This track especially as the the story it tells is so real and honest. The opening line reads “He can’t bare to leave me, in the morning. I’m too blind to see him, in the morning’’. That cuts pretty deep no? She’s an unreal songwriter and performer. Ticks every box for me. 

  1. Max Ritcher – On The Nature Of Daylight

This song is without a doubt one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I always describe it as being the soundtrack to my life. Regardless of my mood I can always listen to it and it fit perfectly with how I’m feeling. The strings that slowly build throughout the song are so subtle and powerful it gives me all the feels. 

  1. Jarreau Vandal, Kiah Victoria – Slow It Down 

This track just makes me wanna get up and dance. Kiah’s voice and delivery is so major and backed by that beat you can’t help but wanna move. This is the track I listen to in the morning whilst walking to the tube. Everybody needs that one tune that gets them going!

  1. Stromae – Tous Les Memes 

The music video for this song is absolutely incredible. I have to urge you all to watch it and see for yourselves. This is a true artist at work and a huge inspiration to me also as an artists. This was made 6 years ago in 2013… so ahead of his time, Stromae is an icon. 

  1. Sade – Sweetest Taboo 

Timeless classic. Sade’s voice and presence has so much elegance and class it takes me right back. So effortless but powerful, Sade created timeless music. I would hope that one day my music would also resonate years after it’s prime. 

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