Alt-pop singer-songwriter Jane highlights systematic oppression in ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’

Jane‘s new single ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ is one of two oxymoronic states; happiness sparked by upbeat pop and despair triggered by systemic racism, economic exploitation and rampant sexism.

As the NYC singer and songwriter shares:

“I wrote this song in January of 2020 because I needed to process everything I was thinking about at the time—systemic racism, economic exploitation, rampant sexism, and governing systems that take no responsibility for anything—and I didn’t want to do it alone. I want this to be a song that people use to come together, to grieve and process, to dance and release, and to ultimately get so pissed off that they have no other option but to act.”

In a way, we could consider ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ as something of a Trojan Horse… the song works it’s way into your body and soul with the cosmic mixture of playful sounds, choir-esque vocals and bold pop books, while also laying out the truth about systematic oppression. There’s a sense of both frustration in Jane‘s words, but her determination to convince the listener to join her and many others in the fight for justice is the main takeaway here.

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