Three-piece sibling band Modeling unveil their first single of the year, ‘Nothing Unexpected’

Three-piece sibling band Modeling unveil their first single of the year, ‘Nothing Unexpected‘. The track follows on from previous singles, Lodestone’ and Low Fantasywhich have already gained well over 10,000 streams each on Spotify alone. No strangers to the thrilling high’s and bitter low’s of the music industry, Modeling are coming back strong from the disbandment of their original group, PMtoday whose music was widely recognised by the likes of Indie Shuffle, Pigeons and Planes and COMPLEX.

Returning with a fresh outlook and armed with an  exquisitely addictive new single, Connor, Ryan and Cuinn Brogan make their mark with synth-pop anthem ‘Nothing Unexpected’, which expertly combines their empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and bright, catchy sound into an 80s inspired, disco-flavoured bop.

Set over energetic, off-kilter beats, pulsing synth lines and a littering of electronic chimes, ‘Nothing Unexpected’ may be all about the mundane times in life but the music is far from boring. With a sound that feels like it’s straight out of an old 80s film, the track oozes with a glorious nostalgia that can’t help but lift your mood, despite its contrastingly pessimistic lyrics. Throughout ‘Nothing Unexpected’ pop-rock vocals articulate lyrics that are sincere and retrospective, whilst the rhythmic, vibrant instrumental beat adds a welcomed playfulness to the overall track.

There’s a tinge of hopelessness embedded in the lyrics because, at the time, I really struggled with this idea that everything good I was ever going to feel had already been felt and everything moving forward would just be a lesser version of what came before. And so that’s where the title stems from, this thought that nothing would ever compare or feel quite the same, there would be nothing new that I hadn’t already experienced, no surprises, nothing unexpected. It’s naive to think, but it’s where my mind settled at that particular point in time.

– Modeling

Listen to Modeling – Nothing Unexpected here


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