Master Peace – Overdrive

So, this is the beginning of a new little feature here over at Unrecorded. Every two days I’ll drop a new track I’ve been listening to, with a few words on why YOU should be listening too.

I had the pleasure of seeing Master Peace perform a short stripped-back set before the pandemic hit. It was part of a showcase by Jamz Supernova in Shoreditch – I took some friends along with me, Latir and Asha Gold. All three of us were drawn in by Master Peace’s infectious energy, a bouncing genre-bending sound that was punctuated by the Londoner’s charismatic performance. ‘Overdrive’ is the new single, with a driving, chanting chorus – frantic guitars and drum fills collide with auto-tuned melodies and rousing hooks. The energy delivered on this track almost matches what we saw live, and it’s refreshing amongst a cacophony of chill releases.

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