Kuma Overdose is as cold as ‘MINTIA’ in his latest, genre-bending single.

With previous releases picked up by big name tastemakers like High Snobiety and NOTION Mag, Kuma Overdose is no stranger to success having garnered himself a pretty sturdy fanbase and some pretty impressive streaming numbers to boot.

Kicking off the year with a genre-bending, new single, Kuma Overdose unveils ‘MINTIA’ this, cool, cold and collected track borrows elements from the East and the West to create a vibrant cultural and genre hybrid mix. Having grown up with Asian-American heritage, Kuma’s lived experiences and family background often play a huge role in his music compositions and aesthetic, his Asian heritage even contributed to the name of his single with ‘MINTIA‘ taking its name from a popular Japanese mint!

In keeping with the Japanese theme, ‘MINTIA’ blends 80’s Japanese City-pop with American -influenced hip-hop and inviting lo-fi beats. This eclectic mix of sounds also incorporates Kuma Overdoses distorted, laid-back vocals over electronic keys and shimmering synths, resulting in a carefree fusion of cultural traditions and musical styles.

Speaking more on his release, Kuma explained: 

“Is it me, or is it luck? Is you wanna play with fire?”
“I’ve been too far to quit this shit, so cold like MINTIA”
“I wanted to tell the person who loved me that I am a dangerous, cold hearted person because that’s how the toxic society raised me. MINTIA is a mint candy from Japan, it’s known for being really minty and ‘cold.'”

Listen to Kuma Overdose – ‘MINTIA’ here


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