Listen to Judith Haustein’s haunting cross-genre single ‘Freeze’

German composer, musician and producer Judith Haustein has shared and sultry-yet-spooky single in the same vein as artists Feist, Bjork and Sophie Hunger.

‘Freeze’ is built upon disparate acoustic strings, deep bass lines and rattling drums that gradually become more cohesive and the song progresses. All the while, Haustein‘s delicate vocals float through the singles like a haunting specter of one’s conscience. The melting pot of genres doesn’t stop here as we hear after the three minute park when a lonesome cello pairs with an unexpected spoken word verse from MC BNZ.

Completed with a multi-textured music video that plays with warm and cool tones, as well as aspects of light and dark, ‘Freeze’ is a refreshing piece of songwriting and creative vision that stands on the brink of any genre boxes.

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