Ruben Dawn’s ‘Safely’ is pure Gen Z indie-pop

Our old friend Ruben Dawnson is back with new single ‘Safely’. It’s an even more polished version of the wildly successful tracks from his Echo Emotions EP from last year.

This addictive piece of Gen Z indie-pop is so indicative of the young Norwegian’s approach to songwriting. It’s all about an inescapable melody and honest lyrics accentuated by a super fresh production that’s even more crisp and clear than last year’s material. What hasn’t wavered is Dawnson’s hopelessly romantic core which comes to the fore of this single in the pleading line “keep me safely”.

Alongside the release of ‘Safely’, Ruben Dawnson shared this super sweet message on Facebook:

“We all need someone, and we all need THIS SONG aahhah! I hope you enjoy it outside with a fine cup of whatever beverage you prefer! I myself will enjoy it accompanied by a cold cup of chocolade soy milk (which is the best that i know)”

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