Indie-folk songwriter Henry Taylour delivers melancholic ‘Aftersun’

This one is undoubtedly for fans of Ben Howard, John Martyn and The Tallest Man on Earth thanks to the soft guitar notes, sweeping orchestral undertones and introspective lyrics delivered by Henry Taylour in new single ‘Aftersun’. The London-based musician has been quietly releasing tracks for the past five years and his experience shows through this sophisticated four and a half minute track that takes the listener on an emotional journey.

“This is a song that is about distance, time, and how that space can allow us to move forward. There comes a point when all things cool and get better, and this song is about both looking forward, whilst also reflecting on how far you’ve come,” explains Taylour.

This reflective-yet-hopeful state is reflected in Taylour‘s measured vocals as well as the luxuriously expansive soundscape. Listen to ‘Aftersun’ below.

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