The Sukis’ ‘Cherryade’ is a self-reflective journey of teenage romantic

There’s a compelling freshness to ‘Cherryade’, the latest single from Hertfordshire bank The Sukis who typify the grittiness of a garage-rock outfit. From the very start, this song pulsates with the urgency of living fast and living for the moment complete with spiky guitars, jaunty percussion and an enigmatic vocalist.

Really where this song takes off though is around 2:20 where shades of Queen start to creep in. The relentless instrumentation takes a momentary break for an airy falsetto to peak through, revealing the tender underbelly of this song before an incremental guitar refrain and marching drums launch us back into that rock rollercoaster.

Shedding a little more light on the song, The Sukis have this to say:

“‘Cherryade’ takes a self-reflective journey through teenage romantic affairs. An upbeat, glistening indie-rock song exploring the implications of nostalgia; through the reverb soaked guitars, dreamy synths and groovy-driving bassline. Taking different elements from early Strokes to the harmonies of Queen with traces of 90s dream-pop ambience. ‘Cherryade’ is the party anthem, the clean up and the soundtrack.”

Stream ‘Cherryade’ below and give the lads a follow where you can.

Where to find The Sukis:




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