Listen to Sylvee’s dark-pop belter ‘Retrograde’

We’re just as guilty as lovely an all-out pop banger as anyone else, especially when said banger has a gritty edge, and so when Sylvee‘s brand new single ‘Retrograde’ came onto our radar, we knew we had to write about this one. In the same sonic camp as Banks, Valtus and BROODS, the last of whom if from the same New Zealand town of Nelson, Sylvee exudes a similar flawless professionalism through her music.

Written with and produced by Simon Gooding last year in November, this dark-pop track not only hits hard on those hooks, but it’s also a powerful reminder of the recent events that shook the world to its core in 2020. As Sylvee recalls:

“In the session we were talking about how crazy the world is right now. With all the racism, removal of women’s rights, and horrifying police brutality happening.”

It also became important to honour the experience of featured vocal artist Isiah Ngawaka (aka Lucid Heist), as Sylvee continues, “It felt like we were all on the same page in our hearts and particularly having Isiah in the session, being a Maori artist, it only felt right to make sure he felt that he could have his say.”

The way that Lucid Heist‘s pertinent words, “the truth is out and I want it all, / take my people’s name out your face”, cut through the oscillating synths and hyper-pop beats leaves a huge impression that then rolls into the bombastic reintroduction of the weighty production and Sylvee‘s sublime voice.

‘Retrograde World’ is just the first taste of an upcoming EP set for release in early 2022.

You can also listen to ‘Retrograde World’ in our new playlist Shades of Pop.

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