Maggie Dave express human fragility in synth-pop, alt-R&B song ‘Old You’

Sounding like a mix between La Honne, Chet Faker and RY X, we have an exploratory new single from Los Angeles’ duo Maggie Dave. The track in hand is ‘Old You’, sundry mix of synth-pop, classic R&B and acapella, which certainly isn’t the common combination that you’ll come across these days.

‘Old You’ opens with a smattering of drum pad beats and Tehillah Alphonso’s vocal choir, as well as a longing first lyric “I miss the old you.” This perfectly sets the tone for this post-romance track which is all about dealing with the grief of losing a relationship. We especially love The Wire-esque bass pops that really evoke that steamy on-screen emotional turmoil.

Singer Sean David Christensen explains how this song emerged:

“What began as an alternative rock track slowly morphed inward, exploring traumatic memories and fractured personal narratives that Mark (Christopher) & I find challenging, but creatively satisfying places to write songs from.”

What really elevates this single is the mesmerising music video animated and directed by Cassie Shao, which shows an illustration representation of the song’s protagonist with all their faults, flaws and fragility on full show.

This isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated to create visionary worlds for their emotive, alternative-pop songs, having previously had their work presented at L.A.’s Hammer Museum and screened alongside works by Black Pumas and The Shins. We look forward to seeing what Maggie Dave and their creative circle will produce next.

Check out ‘Old You’ is our Soul & Grooves and Shades of Pop playlists.

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