Lakookala unveils fiery pro-feminist, alt-pop anthem, ‘The Wrong Places’

Los Angeles based drummer, songwriter and vocalist Lakookala unveils her latest single, ‘The Wrong Places‘, a fiery alt-pop feminist anthem doused in powerful psychedelic-meets-punk instrumental, characteristically vulnerable lyricism and an empowering message to boot!

Hot off the heels of her ‘Lonely Summer‘ hit, Lakookala returns to confront the unfair treatment and over-sexualisation of women when it comes to their bodies and media representation, especially in regards to famous and/or hyper-visible women. Based on personal experiences, ‘The Wrong Places‘ sees Lakookala bravely explore how many women are socialised to look for love outside of themselves, neglecting themselves in the process, leading to a tendency to people-please or to seek love in toxic and unhealthy situations.

When out in the public eye, women are pressured to put copious amounts of attention on their physical appearance. But what happens if they just want to be heard?

Speaking more on the inspiration behind the track, Lakookala shares:

“When we continue to hold up unachievable beauty standards for women, it becomes an emotional prison where they are both afraid to be under-sexual or over-sexual at all times. This for me is exhausting and can leave us feeling unfulfilled in our life and our work. I hope women who listen to my song, and my music understands that wherever they are on this spectrum that they are enough and that however they choose to present themselves every day is enough. This is something I have struggled with in my identity since I was a very young woman, and am still learning to grapple with every day as an artist.”

– Nicole Ranalli/ Lakookala

Introduced by deep, rumbling drums & a distorted reverb guitar, the gritty, harsh & rebellious nature of the track is immediately recognised as Lakookala’s grungy vocals hit the mix. Unique in sound, content and atmosphere, ‘The Wrong Places‘, is a treat for the ears both lyrically and sonically, offering a poignant message, and empowering ethos alongside a foot-stomping, head-banging pop-punk masterpiece.

Listen to Lakookala – ‘In the Wrong Places’


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