Seek refuge from your busy lives in Sunflower Summit’s ‘Do Nothing’

How many times have you answered the questions “what are your plans?” or “what are you up to this weekend?” with “nothing”? It’s an all too readily available answer that could be an honest one or a shield against sharing the truth. Chicago singer-songwriter Sunflower Summit takes this seemingly run-of-the-mill response and develops it into a sensitive, acoustic single about seeking refuge amongst the endless to-do lists, responsibilities and mundane chores that clutter out modern day lives.

‘Do Nothing’ was written in October 2020, after adjusting a little better to life in quarantine, Sunflower Summit took a moment to reflect on how they’d dealt with life under lockdown so far. As they explain:

“‘Do Nothing’ was written on a day where drawing the line between time to relax and chill and time to work on music was very blurred. Quarantine seemingly turned time into a joke. I was caught between overworking myself and working almost obsessively on my podcast, learning production, and cowriting, amongst days of complete burn out, where I didn’t have the bandwidth or capacity to think of doing anything but nothing. Dealing with feelings of guilt for these low points and questioning why I was doing it this way, Do Nothing is a song that helped me break through to what I really wanted – which at that time, was simply a break.”

Accompanied by an illustrated lyric video reminiscent of Rupi Kaur’s poetry book, milk and honey, this direct yet delicate track is perfect for winding down a busy mind.

Listen to ‘Do Nothing’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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