Australia’s Clovo makes her debut with feminist electro-pop banger ‘Girls’

Here’s your regular reminder that every day is International Women’s Day! If you need some more convincing, then listen to ‘Girls’ the debut single from Australian newcomer Clovo, aka Chloe Magee, who wrote this bold pop track on IWD (March 8th) as an anthem for all women who stand against sexual assault and discrimination.

“I wrote this song on International Women’s Day and being inspired by that, it outlines issues of women being sexualised and objectified in society and it is an anthem for all women to have a voice against sexual assault and discrimination.I was listening to a lot of Grimes, Mia Rodriguez and Billie Eilish at the time and felt empowered to be part of this revolution of women speaking their mind. I always feel inspired when I hear songs from women taking a stand with their music, and I wanted to do the same and hopefully inspire other women.”

The song reverberates with alt-electro intensity akin to one of clovo‘s musical heroes Grimes, but with an ultra-modern pop top-line that makes us think of early Dua Lipa. While serious at its corse, there’s no denying that ‘Girls’ is a track to dance along to in celebration of yourself.

It also comes with a feminist music video, co-directed by Magee and shot by Dominic Gould, which our emerging artist describes for us here:

The music video portrays the toxicity of a male dominated culture, set in a dystopian parallel universe where women are subjects to men, the video narrates clovo as a prisoner trying to escape, only to be caught and put back in her ‘place’ in society.”

You can also listen to ‘Girls’ in our Electro Feels and Shades of Pop playlists.

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