Hongza’s ‘Live In Mono’ feat. Annabel Allum is a song about loneliness and being othered

Unrecorded regular Hongza is back in time for the love season with his latest pop-punk inspired single ‘Live In Mono’, featuring Annabel Allum. Tapping into the complexities of emotion, this London-based artist doesn’t deliver the rose-tinted view of life, but instead details how we can often get so overwhelmed by it all that we become desensitized. Just like the central idea of this acoustic-rock single explores, we can fall into the trap of seeing everything from a black-and-white perspective, aka monotone.

For the first 30 seconds of the sound, Hongza displays his subtle melancholy over open guitar chords, but soon enough the damn breaks and all that built up emotion comes forth with a equally passionate burst of instrumentation. He rhythmically sings, “wake up alone, look out my window, feeling so still, all my friends thinks I’m ill, they don’t want any part of me, I don’t have anywhere to be.”

Reflecting on this sense of isolation, Hongza recalls that, “Live in Mono is about a point in my life where I felt so lonely and was living in one dimension. Lonely because I felt like a nobody, lonely because my skin colour made me the odd one out. I would wake up at 2pm go get fucked in the evening and that was all I did for a couple years at one point. People think life is either black or white but I feel like it’s just this middle ground of grey.”

Listen to ‘Live In Mono’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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