Premiere: Italy’s Million Chameleon introduces his lofi indie-pop sound with ‘Getting Better’

This Friday, don’t miss the new sounds of indie artist Million Chameleon and his new bedroom-pop single ‘Getting Better’. The Italian born and raised musician and songwriter grew up inspired by a unique cross section of UK and Italian acts, such as David Bowie, Genesis, Pino Daniele and Battiato, but as he’s grown into an artist in his own right, Million Chameleon has developed a distinctive style.

The result is a vibrant and youthful mix of guitars, which sit both buoyantly at the front and faded out at the back. These layered strings are also completed by a vibey sustained synth and crunchy beats, perfect for bopping your head along to while singing “I can’t help feeling the way I do around you, ’cause every day it’s just getting better.”

‘Getting Better’ is a bright-eyed story of helpless love, with the Roman artist says is “about dropping all masks and really living through your emotion, not really understanding it but nonetheless letting it guide who you are.”

You can also listen to ‘Getting Better’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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