Indie-folk songwriter Ian Janco laments lost love in ‘Something New’

Ian Janco‘s new single ‘Something New’ keeps our accidental theme of post break-up songs this week, and like Stacey Dineen and Beth McCarthy, this singer-songwriter sees things in his own way when looking back at an old relationship.

Backed up by modern americana guitar rhythms and an immediately warm production style, Ian Janco starts off the song by letting the listener know that “it’s been a while” since the break-up, before going on to sing about a mixture of nostalgia for the past, but also hope for the future. Alongside the analog guitar, Janco also mixes in upbeat drums and anthemic violins, lifting this one up from your regular singer-songwriter track into something a little more special. It’s clear that he only wants the best for his ex, emphasised by the undeniably positive atmosphere throughout ‘Something New’.

The London-based songwriter tells us a little bit more about the backstory behind the heartfelt folk pop single:

“Something New was written shortly after a breakup in the first Lockdown. It captures the feeling of knowing that a relationship is coming to an end, but still having love for a person even though they’ve moved on. On one of the darker days of that time, it just poured out of me – an expression of sadness and longing but also a kind of optimism for what’s to come. I hope that some people resonate with it and helps them get through whatever they may be going through.”

You can also listen to ‘Something New’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

Where to find Ian Janco:



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