Lia Hide delivers second avant-pop single ‘Dinner’ from upcoming studio album

Greek artist Lia Hide brings the well-known idiom “eat you own words” to life in the theatrical music video for new single ‘Dinner’. The only thing on the menu is her spine-tingling avant pop music which takes classical constructions and transforms them into a thought-provoking art piece.

‘Dinner’ immediately presents itself as an alternative narrative with static electronica and minimalistic bass twangs, which allows lots of empty space for Hide’s resonant voice. As the track picks up its eerie speed, the track populates more and more with reverby electronic drums, detuned guitar, biting synths and rich piano. For the video that is paired with this complex single, this experimental soundscape takes the shape of a vampirish dinner in which Lia Hide and her bandmates Aki’Base (bass, dbass), George Rados (drums, programming) lavishly consume torn book pages.

Here, the front woman and all-round musician explains the story behind the song a little more: “‘Dinner’ started as a musical joke with us three playing around, placing one loop on top of another, un-synchronizing them on purpose, then adding the most peculiar and unmatching elements : a sad jazzy trumpet solo, Chet Baker style, an almost naive, silly, soulful, vocal hook, crazy Bowie-Deranged-style pianos, all of them fighting for their place over a hip-hop heavily syncopated drum beat, with glitch and cinematic elements to spice things up. There was much struggle in finalizing the song, which we decided to show in the video, as we disagree and fight with one another, after eating our platonic dinner.

‘Dinner’ will feature on Lia Hide‘s upcoming fourth studio album.

Listen to ‘Dinner’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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