Australia’s Brendon Moon returns with eerie alt-rock single ‘Fear’

‘Fear’ is the aptly named single from Australian musician Brendon Moon who captures that most evocative of emotions in the hair-rising guitar thrusts, moody bass groove and stampeding drum rolls. This introduction perfectly sets the tone for Moon’s elongated vocals that are akin to The Cranberries and Warpaint, themselves masters of eerie alt-rock constructions. The purpose of Moon‘s own haunting combinations of distorted guitars and euphonious vocals is to conjure up that feeling of facing an unknown future, with all its unpredictability and the vulnerability that all of that naturally comes with.

While everyone faces their next steps with a level of uncertainty, it was the global crisis of the pandemic with its various terrifying outcomes that initially inspired ‘Fear’.

“After coming out of the deepest part of my struggles and eventually through to the other side, I learned a lot about myself. I realised that facing the struggle was what I needed to do in order to understand the distortion it had created,” recalls Moon.

Not only is the single an unguarded exposition of fright, but its also a thunderous return for the artist two years after the release of his debut self-titled album. He wanted to come back with a heavier sound and we can all agree Brendon Moon has been nothing but successful with ‘Fear’.

You can also listen to ‘Fear’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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