On the Record: Jem

For those who have never heard of Jem, who is he and what is his music about?

Jem is a guy who once travelled from Turkey to the UK to uncover bits and pieces of himself with the help of music! He’s a pretty deep, fun and open person to hang! He just wants to help and form deeper connections with people with music!

What has been the most rewarding/ most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?

Hearing the connections people have with my music is a top tier feeling! It’s hard to top that!

What have been some major challenges in your music career so far?

Finding the balance between giving and taking has been the most challenging! As an artist, you can see all the pain and anxiety in this world, and it gets challenging to find the balance in your life sometimes. Because all I want is to get out and take action for a change, for a more influential cause, it is the most important for me before anything else, sometimes even before myself!

What are you grateful for right now, at this moment?

I am grateful for my friends, my family, music and art!

Physical copies or streaming sites?

I think physical copies have more meaning. Holding a vinyl with your hands and touching and seeing the cover art will always have more feeling! But in terms of how easy and accessible the streaming sites made the music is totally incredible!  

What is your most played song of 2022 so far?

Zurich by Kid Gloves. They probably see me blasting their song every day, thinking, this guy really loves our song!

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

My ‘alternative’ playlist! I love discovering up and coming artists in the Indie world!

A dream collaboration?

Radiohead all the way through!

& Lastly, what can fans expect from Jem this year?

Everything that I’ve been doing but more! So you can expect more shows, more music, more videos and more art!


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