Fleeting Persuasion reveals evocative new electro indie offering ‘Night Arrives’


Gentle, alluring, bathed in reverb and utterly evocative ‘Night Arrives’ is the slow burning new electronic indie single by Fleeting Persuasion. Otherwise known as James Spencer Harrison, Fleeting Persuasion is a product of the pandemic, coming to life after writing some new, very different songs to his other musical moniker J M S Harrison.

Leaving a half finished album behind, James found himself swept away in wave of inspiration and followed the nod to create a new project with a whole new sound. Not to say that J M S Harrison has been left behind but perhaps this is exactly what is needed in order for James to complete his remaining album. When creativity come knocking, you gotta answer.

Illuminated with gorgeous guitar and vocal melody lines which ebb and flow throughout the track, ‘Night Arrives’ represents this new identity and is delivered on top of a strong, rhythmic foundation, paving the way for a new musical road to be explored and enjoyed.

Discussing the release he explains: “Knowing what the overall vibe will be is such a crucial thing for me early in the writing phase, so using a dodgy recording app I started playing around with beats and keys for around a dozen new songs.

“I rang Josh Whitehead at Crosstown Studios and sent him the demos and he said I was crazy for starting a new project,” Harrison laughs. “But he also said he had some experience in synths and beats so together we decided to work on one song at a time.”

Single number three is ‘Night Arrives’ (which premiered with Forte), a song that states its case with a slow and momentous drum beat, bathed in reverb. Singer Danielle Loughnan takes the lead on this song, her warm and resonant voice the perfect sonic vessel for Harrison’s lyrics. As he explains, initial recordings of him singing the song weren’t quite landing as he wanted. “I listened back at home and didn’t feel like it had quite the right impact so I had the idea to get my friend Danielle, who has sung backup vocals on several past songs to sing the amazing, subtle and powerful lead on this one; with myself on backup vocals.”” 



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