‘Remind Me’ is Evi Bosman’s homage to the memory of her late brother

Evi Bosman‘s ‘Remind Me’ is the serene single designed to rummage through the remains of loss, mourning and grief with an incomparable delicacy. It’s not about the unimaginable pain shortly following a death, but rather this singer-songwriter unravels the lingering and persistent ache long after the fact.

Even more touchingly, this sensitive piece of songwriting is derived from the tragic loss of her brother who died in a car accident. The memories of her beloved sibling are what keeps him with her, as she sings, “I still hear you in my dreams.” This sense of intimacy is sharpened by the subtle fear of losing these memories, which are as delicate as “snow and flame.” The resulting atmosphere in this indie-folk song is one that walks the line between persisting melancholia and peaceful acceptance.

It’s clear that Evi Bosman‘s love for her brother will never fade and by reimagining him in ‘Remind Me’, she can bring him into clearer focus.

You can listen to ‘Remind Me’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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