‘I Lie Awake At Night and Wait For You’ is Evran’s cinematic indie-rock epic

Prepare to have those suppressed emotions of yours pulled to the surface thanks to the majestic new single ‘I Lie Awake At Night and Wait For You’ from Scandinavian musician Evran. It stretches over an epic five minutes and forty-seven seconds and it’s nothing short of a carefully crafted piece of anthemic indie-rock that draws the listener into the cloistered inner world of one love-sick protagonist.

Starting at the track’s restrained opening, a detailed narrative emerges gradually from the moon-cast shadows, beckoned forth by an intricate guitar refrain and quiet tambourine shakes. The ethereal production is matched by Evran‘s equally dreamy vocals of whose impressive range is soaked with tender emotion.

Following the Norwegian’s first insomniac confession that he’s plagued by thoughts of an unrequited love, the floodgates open and we get out first taste of the song’s rockier foundations. At around the 1:48 minute mark, the track switches up into a math-rock pattern, with tumbling drums and a sturdier bass line which serves to build up the intensity towards the track’s expressive climax. What was a hushed secret in the beginning transforms into a shout-it-from-the-rooftops moment reflecting the songwriter’s utmost conviction. Evran‘s powerful voice repeatedly sings out “I lie awake at night and wait for you”, alongside the bright and vivacious electric guitar whose riffs become ever-more determined as we approach the finale.

In the end, there’s no denying these emotions and we’re utterly enthralled by the emphatic songwriting, deft composition and passionate performance.

You can listen to ‘I Lie Awake At Night and Wait For You’ in our Outsiders Club and Indie Rockers playlist.

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