‘Fire in the Room’ is Dylon Maggio’s engaging new pop song

Dylon Maggio has been nurturing his passion for music from an early age, and although he took a diversion at the age of 18 into a modelling career, this creative knew that he would find his way eventually. It was when Maggio had the opportunity to work with fifteen-time Grammy award winning sound engineer Mick Guzaauski that his unique pop sound began to come to life. This emerging artist is deeply influenced by some of pop’s most influential figures like Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Prince, and we can really hear those elements throughout Maggio‘s own music.

Adding to the artist’s roster of five tracks is brand new listen ‘Fire in the Room’, which further solidifies Dylon Maggio‘s bold sonic direction. Like the others, this single is centered in modern pop with motifs of melodic synths and addictive beats to instantly capture the listener’s attention. What’ll keep you listening is that impressive vocal range delivering punchy lyrics.

‘Fire in the Room’ possesses all the qualities to make it a chart-hitting pop track. What a way to start 2023!

Listen to ‘Fire in the Room’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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