Quirky, eclectic & freestyled, it must be R. F. Coleman’s ‘Always Attractive’

We decided that this Monday, the idea of easing ourselves into the week was a waste of time. Instead, we’re diving in head first, propelled by the intoxicating energy of R. F. Coleman‘s brilliant new single ‘Always Attractive’.

From the very start of this track, we’re thrust into a heady mix of high-drama keys, stuttered guitar strings and strutting bass notes; it’s that kind of melange that entices you into shuffling your shoulders and bopping your head as you listen. Following the promising introduction, we’re further launched into Coleman‘s artistic world thanks to his free-styled lyrics and raw vocals, the result of which is cryptic lines like, “those playing cards, / Cricket wings, / The golden flowers, / That she brings.” Through the artist’s poetic instinct and unfiltered vocal tones we’re given the impression that ‘Always Attractive’ is where organic reality meets cerebral delusion. Our theory is further intensified by the quirky addition of a mouth trumpet (you know exactly what we mean, we’ve all done it!) around the 2:40 minute mark, because what else depicts tip-toeing on the edge of actuality better?

Perhaps you’ll have your own interpretations of this vibrant and imaginative song. Whatever the truth behind ‘Always Attractive’ might be, you can’t ignore the addictive grooves and enticing swoons of this eclectic creation. Part of this effect is thanks to Josh Moriarty (Miami Horror, Telenova) who added his production magic to this playlist-ready jam.

‘Always Attractive’ is just our first taste of R. F. Coleman‘s off-beat style and personality, but if you’re interested in hearing more from this Melbourne innovator, then go check out his past tracks ‘Crazy For You’ and ‘I Couldn’t Trust’. In more good news, if you’re lucky enough to be around Australia or the USA in March, then look our for Coleman‘s upcoming tour.

You can also listen to ‘Always Attractive’ in our Outsiders Club and Soul & Grooves playlists.

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