BAYWUD’s ‘Back To Life’ is a hopeful & soulful pop-rock anthem

If you’re a fan of cinematic and soulful voices, then you’re in for an absolute treat today. We’re showcasing the vocal and songwriting talents of BAYWUD (pronounced bay-wood), the Los Angeles-based musician who has been winning over a dedicated hoard of listeners with his string of releases. ‘Back To Life’ marks the artist’s 16th track to date and his professionalism and fine-tuning really shows in the mega, radio-ready anthem. It’s quite reminiscent of Rag’n’Bone Man with that deep, soulful resonance, but also the more commercial, pop melodies align this track to likes of James Arthur.

BAYWUD evidently draws from a wealth of rock, folk and soul influences, giving such an emotional and honest effect when pieced together. It helps that this songwriter isn’t afraid of delving into darker themes through his lyrics; he’s tackled topics such as anxiety and depression, addiction, loss, and suicide in his catalogue already. It’s some of those mental health struggles that come to the fore in ‘Back To Life’, as the artist explains:

“I’ve struggled on and off with depression and anxiety throughout my life and with depression you feel like a ‘dead man walking’, in a sense. It can be very debilitating.”

From the sound of this gutsy, earthy track, it might not be immediately apparent that BAYWUD is dealing with such a heavy topic, but that’s the point of ‘Back To Life’. The thumping drum beats are a call to action, the soaring melodies are a cry for help, the rich guitar chords are a wake up call. This song is for anyone out there who is looking for solidarity and support in their own battles with depression and anxiety. ‘Back To Life‘ really is a stunning reminder that things to get better, that they can change, and that there is a way back to life.

You can also listen to ‘Back To Life’ in our Shades of Pop and Indie Rockers playlist.

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