‘Apple of My Eye’ is the laidback R&B gem from Forth Worth’s DJ Zenas

There are so many idioms that explain that different perception we can have of another person when we’re deep in love. We say “love is blind”, “rose-tinted glasses”, and “apple of my eye”. It’s not coincidence that all these time-worn sayings have to do with our physical sight and how our feeling can so dramatically change it. With his newest single ‘Apple of My Eye’, the Texas-via-Colorado based artist DJ Zenas expresses his sincere and true love for another while at the same time stating that even in this case, no one is perfect.

Here, the multi-talented artist explains the message behind his honest love song:

“No one and no love is perfect, and “Apple of My Eye” captures that notion of imperfection perfectly. In a relationship (and life in general), there is so much uncertainty. However, when all is said and done, throughout all of the ups, downs, and everything in between, I still choose you.”

Now that we’ve got a good understanding of this song’s theme, let’s get into the track itself. DJ Zenas has opted for a slow-motion R&B production, with spaced out beats and simple guitar chords, which not only gives off a sensual atmosphere, but also reflects how cool and collected this artist is. This laidback approach is mirrored in the American artist’s vocals and these have got to be isolated for further discussion. At first, we hear DJ Zenas‘ voice with the smooth, light-touch R&B melody that we’d expect in such an intimate track, but then his tone shifts entirely to a deep, more sing-speak style. This dynamism is so interesting, especially when layered, because it not only keeps the listener engaged, but it also conveys the changeability of relationships. Sometimes the going is good, sometimes it’s a little worse for wear, but as long as the basis of that relationship is healthy and genuine, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Maybe, that’s the secret to DJ Zenas‘ chilled attitude.

‘Apple of My Eye’ is perfect for you Valentine’s Day playlists, or you could always stick our R&B For Days playlist on instead.

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