‘Alone (Not Lonely)’ is Litvar’s mysterious & nostalgic indie anthem

Towards the end of last year, we introduced you to the underground indie band Litvar with their provocatively titled single ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’. Coming from a small town in the Connecticut suburbs, you might not expect this trio of friends to sound as gritty and original as they do, but that’s just how surprisingly this seemingly out-of-nowhere outfit is. This year, Litvar is continuing to subvert expectations with new track release ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’.

Before we get into the song, let’s hear the band’s perspective on their latest creation:

“We first started working on Alone (Not Lonely) in February of 2021, beginning with just a chopped guitar loop that became the backbone of the song. It ended up becoming one of our favorite songs to play live, so when it came time to record our second album it was at the top of the list. Recorded at New Monkey Studio (former studio of Elliot Smith), we tracked the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together, to try to give the recording the same feel that we put into our live performance.”

Hearing that this track with all its highs and lows, warped vocals and weaved in electronica is intended for live shows, we’re really intrigued to how it’ll play out on stage. For now though, we’re more than happy to listen to the recorded version of ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’ which wraps us up in an air of mystery and nostalgic. Whether it’s the cryptic verses and bold, unfiltered choruses, we’re so engaged by the overall storyline of pessimism, romance, toxic relationships and bad timing. Litvar even carry this on over into the black-and-white music video in which the three musicians take on thespian roles.

What we love most about this track is its ability to blend well-trodden genres in new and surprising ways, such as synth-pop, indie-rock, indietronica and bedroom-pop. It’s a really youthful sound that speaks volumes to the promising future that this band has ahead of them.

You can also listen to ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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