Hajk – Hajk

After settling down briefly from the whirl of publicity that blessed the band in their early days, they took a short time to head into the studio and put together their self-titled debut album. Capturing the same energy that caught the attention of so many with their first singles, the band show themselves to be versatile and able to sound more thematically cohesive than most bands can muster on their debut.

AFFKT – Modus Operandi

Enter ‘Modus Operandi’, a new single take from AFFKT’s upcoming EP of the same name, and the first release since his 2016 album.

Rosie Carney – Your Moon

As Rosie Carney’s music has unfurled out into the world track by track, we begin to see that bit more of her each time.

The Little Kicks – Shake Off Your Troubles

Shake Off Your Troubles casts them as the introspective guy sitting at the edge of the club near the bar; unmoved by the loud music and sweaty bodies, and more concerned with dealing with reality and problems as they are. Here the band sound like they’re ready to replace the club with an empty hotel bar at 2am.