Rosie Carney – Your Moon

As Rosie Carney’s music has unfurled out into the world track by track, we begin to see that bit more of her each time. Who Rosie Carney is becomes clearer with each song we hear, and her latest, ‘Your Moon’, might be our clearest view of her to date. The noticeable difference this time is an air of hopefulness and, in a few glimmers, a sort of guarded positivity too. ‘Your Moon’ shuffles by gently, like a slowed-down waltz on acoustic and electric guitars. As ever, the musical touches behind her are subtle but essential, much like most of Laura Marling’s album production; it forms a backbone that swells quietly as Carney moves towards the chorus with cautious delicacy.

‘Your Moon’ sinks into your head so well because it has a undeniable feeling of familiarity. Whether it’s because Carney is evoking notes from songs you know already, or just because her voice sounds like a soothing siren that’s always been in the back of your head, ‘Your Moon’ comes off like a wonderful (if not ethereal) soundtrack to some half-remembered dream.  Carney takes another steps into the world here, and with it she’s shaping out to be one of the most compelling songwriters out there.

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