Quote Club: LO returns with the inception inducing ‘LOST IN A DREAM’

Berlin-based producer LO is back and he has not returned empty handed. This time he gifts us with second single, the inception-esque ‘LOST IN A DREAM’ which follows closely from the recently released ‘BLU’. Clearly hitting the ground running this 2021, LO has plenty more on the musical horizon planned with the highly anticipated release…

DJ & Producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single, ‘Greenlight’

DJ and producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single and music video for ‘Greenlight’. Despite it being his first official song, ‘Greenlight’ is not actually Wallace’s song at all, its a remix of a pop single by upcoming singer-songwriter Rachel Rhienne ,whose magical vocals also feature on Wallace’s version of the track.

Irene Skylakaki takes you on a trip in her latest single, ‘Sutherland Avenue’

Known for her disarmingly personal songwriting, catchy folk melodies and heavenly vocals, Irene Skylakaki returns once more to take us on a trip down ‘Sutherland Avenue’. The track follows on from a string of releases made earlier this year including ‘Dreamy’, ‘Mary Smiles’ and  ‘Souvenir’, which is also the title of her upcoming studio album….