‘Shelly Johnson’ is the bittersweet alt-rock number from Abby Nissenbaum’s new EP, Unreliable Narrator

Nashville’s emerging songwriter, singer and musician Abby Nissenbaum is making her mark this year with the release of her debut EP, titled Unreliable Narrator. Even the name of the EP alone gives us such an insight into what this artist is all about – honest storytelling and unfiltered self-awareness.

Recorded between Los Angeles and Nashville (at the famed Sound Emporium Studios), with production credits split between Riley Geare and Matt Qualls, the EP is six tracks of poignant songwriting that criss-crosses genres like alt-pop, alt-folk, indie-electronica and indie-rock. While the EP as a whole touches on themes like depression, isolation, heartbreak and addictions, we’re going to focus on down to the interestingly titled single ‘Shelly Johnson’. Presented in Nissenbaum‘s highly personable, narrative lyric style, this song gives us the relatable experience of bumping into your ex and feeling those surge of emotions that were once buried come up once again. At just over three minutes, the artist explores so many feelings, whether that be regret, bitterness, hurt, nostalgia or acceptance, as her thoughts jump from one memory to another.

‘Shelly Johnson’ is on the more energetic side of the EP, with punchy drums, forceful bass and lofi guitars, but all this serves to relay the emotional impact of heartbreak. It’s entirely from Nissenbaum’s perspective and that effortlessly honest and raw vocal delivery is so convincing as the only side of the story that we should be invested in. It’s just so catchy and upbeat, effectively contrasting the energetic indie-rock soundscape.

Abby Nissenbaum might be an unreliable narrator, but she’s an honest and emotionally open one, and that can never go wrong in our book.

You can also find ‘Shelly Johnson’ in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists.

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