Launchpad: Melis

Some of you may recognise Melis Soyaslanová as one-half of electronic pop duo IYES, but over the past five years, this Berlin-via-Brighton artist has been carefully amassing a set of production skills. The end result is ‘Love Song Idea’, a sweet and solemn sketch that was written, recorded and produced by Melis, and so gives us a full view of this artist’s creative identity. Although, as with the year’s of musical education between Berlin and Prague, the path to finalising her solo debut song was far from easy or straight-forward.

Every self-recorded musicians nightmare happened when the hard drive on her laptop crashed and lost the majority of recordings, including the editable file for ‘Love Song Idea’. Not to be deterred by this failure of technology, Melis took the remaining stems, mixed and mastered them, et voila! She had something unique, crafted outside of her control and showcasing her talent as a vocalist, songwriter and intuitive producer.

Here at Unrecorded we’d like to give this newly reinvented artist the Launchpad platform to tell us about her first solo single ‘Love Song Idea’:

“I was inspired to write about real things and experiences, and ‘love song’ is about love that’s mature, wise and forgiving, and contradictory to the stereotypes of love songs in pop music it doesn’t simplify emotions. (The I love you, I need you type) I have always known that I’d make my own record one day because it’s just in my nature to write and perform. I’ve been writing and singing since I was about 14 years old, and it’s always been my only way to express how I felt. And hopefully through my art I can in some way give back to the world for everything it taught me.”

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